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The Growing World of Apps

I was thinking about it the other day while waiting for my phone to update and apps to play catch up. It was only a decade ago that the smartphone truly emerged and that the future of apps would even become something of the future. ...

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Don’t Forget About the User

As designers we are tasked with great requirements and are expected to convey them brilliantly through design. Easier said than done sometimes. But while the requirements may dictate the design, there is another important element that should always be a driving factor - the user. ...

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Geolocation in a WordPress Based App

Recently the Affari Project had the opportunity to build a native iOS application using Wordpress as its foundation. Overlaying webviews allowed the Wordpress framework to handle a majority of the app functionality. ...

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Speeding up a WordPress based iOS app

Speeding up a Wordpress based iOS application is a topic becoming more popular and necessary. With the growing popularity of Wordpress, you need to know how to speed up WP based iOS applications. ...

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