The New Icarus

April 9, 2017
Drew Webb

Every company has seasons: seasons of development, seasons of foundation building, seasons of growth and seasons of stability and sustainability. Each season comes with its own set of tasks, needs, actions and emotions. Every leader see’s this and the best learn to act accordingly and plan for any and all, knowing that growth is always a single decision away. Affari project is excited to be launching forward into a new season, it’s next chapter, ready to challenge not only ourselves but everyone around us.

Icarus was given an amazing gift from his father.  The ability to FLY. Soar to heights that he could never have initially imagined. His father provided, gifted and entrusted him to use his talents wisely, knowing that if used right, the sky was the limit, the ability of Icarus was unmatched.  The only things that stood in his way were 2 small things, the sun and water. Simple known obstacles to prevent growth.  Two things clearly stated that could end his ability to fly and ultimately lead to death.  Business is much the same and Affari project has learned many obstacles and talents along the way. Our hope now, to simply execute our gift, our talent, to the best of our ability and continually push ourselves and set the bar higher to make sure we are at the top.

Now don’t be deceived, the things that can prevent this growth, this flight, are very real.  But don’t we know most, are we not told by those ahead of us. I know that over the past several years, I have been able to see companies come and companies go, some doing well, other barely able to keep their doors open, but every time, there were commonalities that could be gleaned.

Affari Project is growing and learning, and we are excited to show our new side, our new identity, with the SAME mission. We thought that as our team grew, both in strength and in size, we would continue to exhibit who we are as a company!   We are excited to be rolling out the “new” Affari Project, pulling a Facebook, dropping the “The” and realizing that our letters are enough to show that our creative ability and understanding of business and business development, are just the start to how we want to serve you. Our mission is still to bring your story to life, to create the future and to achieve sustainability and success, it’s just a much more public mission! Join Affari Project, and as always, Stay Hungry.

Having been a part of Affari from the start, Drew has worked to bring our services to those that really need them, making sure to bring their passion to life through the passion that Affari has. He aims to bring a world class creative team to every client.

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