April 17, 2017

Recently I was watching some sports on TV and saw a commercial featuring John Malkovich in it.

Immediately I was drawn in by the cinematography and mood. His voice over talked about how he needed a website that would feature his new fashion line.

Then a logo pops up over the scene and it’s one I recognize, just never in this type of setting. It happened to be Squarespace, the simplistic website creator that’s supposed to easy that it almost builds itself.

First off websites don’t build themselves but on the contrary, Squarespace is known in our industry as a progressive consumer based product that I have a lot of respect for in what they’ve been able to do as a company and their approach.

The shocking thing was how mainstream it has become. I don’t mean them as a company and being able to land an A-list actor in their commercial, but how mainstream websites have become in general.

We all use websites to promote our businesses and drive traffic.


Take a look at the commercial

(Originally I saw a condensed version of this commercial, but wow, its great for different reasons.)

The popularity of Squarespace is not just their easy to use interface and design, but the approach in which they started with.


How to make things simple for everyone

We all know how Steve Jobs has revolutionized this very concept and now it’s crossed over into most industries at this point, and companies are making sure to brand themselves as such.

At Affari we’ve been stripping away the un-needed pieces that make our process too bloated and confusing. At the same time we’ve also been introducing simpler ways for our to clients understand their approach and how to achieve their goals. These practices start from the beginning of our kickoff meetings to our user experience, to the messaging, design and development.

For us simplicity is best. We want to make sure your project or company has the most impact once it has gone through our process.

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