So you launched a new website…What now?

April 17, 2017
Max Rawls

Working in marketing, and in the digital space in general, its common to hear people ask the question, “What do I do with my website?” This is the ultimate question, and drives so much of what we do in marketing and promotion. It sounds simple, some would even say discouraging, but that question is exactly where you want to start with marketing. A lot of the time people shy away form a broad question like this, simply because of the work it can require at times. Starting with a question like, “what do I do?”, means that there is a lot of work to do. This is not a bad thing. Asking questions in the beginning is better than asking them halfway through a marketing campaign, or years after the launch of your website or brand. This implies that you are serious about promoting your website, and want to see real growth and success.

So, you launched your new website, what now?

This where we want to start, whether you are either starting a new company, or just looking to launch your digital presence, you want to partner with someone who succeeds when you succeed. The first thing to ask is WHY:

WHY do you have a website?

This seems trivial, but its such an important to ask. Is your website meant to generate sales? Are those sales through your website? Is this website information based, meant to promote a brick and mortar store? Do you want to build an online presence and use this as the “hub” to inform users about who you are? Each one of these questions leads down a much larger path and is the start of building a marketing a successful marketing strategy. Each decision you make from here on out will be informed by this basic question, and it is important to ask not only after you have launched, but during marketing.

This question, while seemingly broad, leads perfectly into the next question necessary for building a marketing strategy, revolving around WHAT:

WHAT is the main goal of your website?

Now, this seems to be a very similar question to the previous one, and you are right. However, this question points directly towards something, instead of a broad-strokes reason for having a website. Simply saying that your website is meant to generate sales is different than saying, “My website needs to sell my new product”. The difference is small in text, yes, but the purpose is much larger. When establishing a goal to your website, you are giving your marketing strategy a purpose. Each area of your marketing strategy will be driven by this main goal.

This is such an important question to pose as you are approaching marketing and building out how you want to promote yourself and your website, yet so few people ask it. Its common for people to simply “start marketing” without asking WHY they are marketing. This results in not only time wasted, but inevitably money wasted. That is not what a fully-formed marketing strategy looks like. Each area of your strategy should have a direct correlation to your main goal, and if that is the case, there you can build out sub-goals and targets, where your strategy can grow in different ways, while still being attached to the main goal of your website.

Now, after establishing the main goal of your website, and inevitably your marketing strategy, it’s important to ask WHERE:

WHERE do you want your website to go?

Of all the questions asked, this one seems to be the most curious. At times people don’t know how to react to it, as it seems like a vague and intangible. It is the exact opposite, however. This question might not inform the initial building of a strategy, but it will help to GUIDE your strategy, and help you set a goal for your website and company as a whole. This question sometimes is built off of the main goal of your website, simply taking that to a larger level, but frequently its an unrelated goal, such as see your brand rise to new heights in presence or social awareness, while still growing sales through your website. This seems like an odd thing to ask yourself, especially at the beginning of a marketing strategy, but its the correct thing to ask, as it is going to form your overall vision for your company, not just your website.

Setting larger goals and objectives at the beginning of marketing is crucial to establish a well-defined plan for where you want to go. These goals are, at times, dreams, but its a vital part of planning and marketing. Big ideas are great to share with marketing agencies, not to tell them what you want to do tomorrow, but where you want to be in a year. This not only sets milestones for yourself, but helps you gauge success, seeing where you are in your overall plan. Another important thing to note with the WHERE of your website, is that this is not the end-goal, this questions is only meant to prompt you to dream big, and create plan for yourself, your website and your company, that is not simply surviving, but thriving.

Establishing the WHY, WHAT and WHERE of your website is imperative when starting marketing. While we have crafted these questions around a “new website” launch, you can ask them ANYTIME. Never be afraid of asking big questions, or little ones, whether you’re in the middle of marketing, finished with an unsuccessful strategy, or looking to start one. Introspective questions like these for yourself and your company always produce a positive outcome, as it shows that you’re willing to take steps towards real growth and success.

Here at Affari Group, these are the questions we ask you. We want to know the WHY, WHAT and WHERE of everything you do, both on your website and your company as a whole. If you are looking for a marketing agency that wants to partner with you, to help you answer these questions and build a real path to success, Affari Group is here. We partner with companies across the globe to not only increase their presence digitally, market new products or bring in new sales, but to tell their story. The questions in this article help begin to tell your story also, and we want to parter with you to tell the world.

Working with clients ranging from non-profit and government, to industrial and enterprise computing, Max loves seeing companies grow and giving them a platform to tell their story. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out with his wife and cats.

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