Breaking away to clear your view

June 8, 2017
Drew Webb

Everyone gets into the weeds from time to time and sometimes gets lost in all that they are doing.  That feeling is one that can creep up on you or it can seem like it hits you with a ton of bricks, but either way it is one that can be frustrating at times.  I know that when I am trying to be creative and see a new way, it is often the time when it is the most difficult.  Impossible to focus at times and with a lot of surrounding noise and distractions, getting away is sometimes the best way to gain creativity.

Affari does this once a year with the team.  A time to rejuvenate, to get away and to break free of the traditional day and come together as a group and bring new light to the visions that we have and to see them come to life!  Located on the Outer Banks of North Carolina, we gather to continue our mission and renew our vision!  As a team, it is a time to be rejuvenated, refreshed and encouraged to look at things in a whole new way.  It is key to the success or our team, and their continued healthy mindset going forward.

Some might not understand how getting away as a crew can really change anything or make a team stronger but for Affari, it is a core part of our process.  As a fully remote team, each person does not live in the same place as the others, and meeting and working together is not always possible.  The collaborative nature of a design, development and marketing team means that sitting in the same room at times aids in the creative and development process.  Since that is not always available to our team, we have learned to adapt to make sure we are still delivering the best for our clients and that means getting away so that we can be creative.  Both as as team yearly, but also on our own!

Clearing the mind can happen anywhere.  But sometimes you have to go somewhere to truly clear your head!  Creativity is not something that a team like Affari can take for granted and we have to make sure to create the right environment for it to flourish.  There are times when you hit a wall but that is when you have to branch out and look at life different, see life differently and interact with the world in a new way.  Our mission for our team is to give them those chances, either as a team or individually.

As a fully remote team, we don’t see everyone all the time but it does allow for us to be where we can be most creative.  Sometimes it means traveling as a team, and others it means just getting away individually and having a change of scenery to see our worlds through new glasses.

Try it out sometime.  Go somewhere new to work, or spend a night in a place that will open up your mind and allow you to see life in a new way.  It’s key to your personal growth and overall creativity and something that will change how you clear your head.

Having been a part of Affari from the start, Drew has worked to bring our services to those that really need them, making sure to bring their passion to life through the passion that Affari has. He aims to bring a world class creative team to every client.

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