July 5, 2017

As a creative, I am inspired a lot throughout everyday life, whether it be for a client or just surfing the web. There are so many talented and passionate creatives that I respect immensely across the globe. This starts a series of posts highlighting my favorite artists.

One of my favorite magazines is IdN, which stands for International Designers’ Network.

A few years ago I had contacted the founder Laurence Ng, who was out of Hong Kong. He began to tell me about how they’ve helped revolutionize the print industry as well as feature some of the world’s most creative artists. Whether that be graphic design, animation or even industrial design, nothing passed the eyes of these guys as they seemed to know everyone.

Laurence started IdN back in 1992 and he told me how he had invented over 10 new printing techniques for desktop publishing and implemented those techniques into his magazine. He even began printing the magazine in three different languages, English, Japanese and Chinese. Since then the magazine has earned a global reputation as a reliable source for the most up-to-date information on the current market trends within the design community.

Laurence himself has been recognized as one of the top names in printing publications worldwide.

The following artists are some of my favorites that have been highlighted throughout the years by International Designers Network.

Karan Singh – Tokyo, Japan

Murmure – Paris, France


Triangle Studio – Seoul, Korea

Asketic – Riga, Latvia


MUTI – Cape Town, South Africa



Camille Charbonneau – Montréal, Canada

Shogo Kishino – Tokyo, Japan

Juan Díaz-Faes – Madrid, Spain

Bond Agency – Helsinki, Finland

Merci beaucoup!

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