The Growing World of Apps

July 10, 2017
Drew Webb

I was thinking about it the other day while waiting for my phone to update and apps to play catch up.  It was only a decade ago that the smartphone truly emerged and that the future of apps would even become something of the future.  10 year ago this year, iPhone was released and changed the world of design again, starting the process of adding a new medium to design for, a new size screen (sometimes ever changing) to consider and a new way of rendering that would slowly become the primary tool for people to engage with society.

A fresh look at the new iOS 11 for iPad and iPhone.  Hero image of apps running on the new iPad Pro (Images courtesy of Apple)

10 years ago, we likely did not think that this “smartphone” world would be what it is today.  It was new.  It was crazy. It was different, and for many, that is something scary or at the very least uneasy.  But that did not stop it from changing everything we did and how we interact with people, both in our immediate area and around the globe.  And the iPhone opened doors that were not even in existence before.

From the moment you wake up in the morning, to the moment you fall asleep, there is an app that can assist you throughout your day.  An alarm to wake you up, and one to tell you when to go to sleep.  There is a tooth brush timer and a morning egg timer.  There are apps to tell you where you need to be, when you need to leave to get there on time, how much traffic there is on the way and just what route to use to get there the fastest.  There are even apps that coordinate big teams and corporations, around the world, working on a single project without missing a beat, no matter the timezone, country, hemisphere or continent. Finally, when you fall asleep, there is even one that tracks just how restful you sleep is after the busy day you just had.  This is the world of apps and it created the world of App Design and Development.

The new App Store in iOS 11 (Image courtesy of Apple)

The iPhone and the App Store that came with it changed not only how we live, but it changed industry as a whole.  It rendered some obsolete, it disrupted others, and it created brand new ones out of thin air.  App design and development was not even a thought in peoples minds 10 years ago (unless you were Steve Jobs) but today it is an industry that we are very grateful for here at Affari.  With a team that works to bring Mobile Applications, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to life, it would not have existed if the concept of the app and the creation of the iPhone did not happen.  Bringing the intangible to life is something we work hard to do every day, bringing the brainstorm into existence for people to interact with and have fun is something we do not take for granted!

Apps have even moved past the phone, to our wrists and to our TVs.  We get taps if there is a notification and we get suggestions based on things we watch, making things we interact with in life more relevant.  This is a growing world, one that will continue to evolve at a rapid pace and one that we will continue to build for and create for and bring to life ideas that have not existed before.

Apple Watch running the Siri watch face and Apple TV and its smart Watch Now TV App (Images courtesy of Apple)

Send us some of your favorite apps, let us know which one you love, which ones you could not live without and with ones you interact with on a daily basis.  As you do, we will keep bringing to life new ones so that you have even more to choose from and enhance the way you live your day to day.

Having been a part of Affari from the start, Drew has worked to bring our services to those that really need them, making sure to bring their passion to life through the passion that Affari has. He aims to bring a world class creative team to every client.

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