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July 23, 2017
Drew Webb

I had the best opportunity, to sit down and listen to one of the best business leaders of our time and really get to listen to what has brought him to where he is today.  It was a meeting that many would have paid hundreds for but I had the chance to attend for virtually nothing! But through the time there, there were a few things that stood out to me that really every business owner should think about.  Here they are (and I will keep this short and sweet today…):

  1. What message are you conveying?  In a world that is constantly bombarding you with messages and brands, yours has to be one that sets you apart.  There is a lot to be said about the ability of a company, but without it being visible, it is not going to succeed.  Since opinions of your company are made in the first 3 seconds, what are people seeing in that time-frame and is their snap-judgement accurate?
  2. Is your message simple and clear?  In a very unforgiving digital world, how does your name, brand, message covey to others?  There are many ways to explain what your company is and who you are but if you are unable to do it in less than 2 minutes, then you do not truly know who you are.  In this case, go back, re-tool and keep it simple.
  3. Do you serve a niche?  Many try to focus on an industry and be the best in that arena, but the tops spots are fairly solidified in most industries!  Since that is the case, pick a smaller group to focus on and be the best there.  It will give legitimacy and allow you to grow in and outside that niche over time.
  4. Do you love it?  This can seem like a no-brainer but many start a company for the wrong reasons and do not truly love the work they do.  This just makes things more difficult.  The passion of a person is seen through what they do and because of that if you are not passionate, others will see it. Love what you do!

Every company and non-profit is completely dependent on the acquisition and continued support of its clients and donors.  Without continued and increasing sustainability, companies close down for lack of resources.  Our desire at Affari, is to work with you to create a marketing outline for your company so that it reaches the most clients.  As for more on client analysis and development, contact us and we would love to lend a hand where we can!  Don’t have time to, we get that, but continue to stay educated, find a good book on leadership, management and industry specific and make it your added job to continue to learn and grow so that your company can too!

Having been a part of Affari from the start, Drew has worked to bring our services to those that really need them, making sure to bring their passion to life through the passion that Affari has. He aims to bring a world class creative team to every client.

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