August 3, 2017

Often times as creatives we’re under the belief that we have to create an amazing experience for each project that we sit down to make. These days there are so many expectations, procedures to follow and pages of content to sift through, the amount of pressure put on our everyday shoulders seems unbearable and often times quenches our imagination turning it into stress.

We’ve all been there.

A lot of us creatives simply need more time to process through the amount of foreign information in front of us in order to start constructing any ideas. We are more fluid than mechanical, something not everyone can understand on the teams we work with. We need to recharge our creative capacity.

I wanted to highlight a few things that have helped me accomplish goals set out by both the client and our company.


Refocus, Restart

Step away, find a place to recharge. Clearing your head and getting your mind off of something else helps reboot our thought process. If you’re in an office in the middle of a busy city it’s def. more challenging to find a an escape to think and process, so bring your headphones and take a walk outside. But if you have the opportunity to do so, find a trail or a park or some place new and go there.


What are the Core Goals of the Project?

Re-read the general take aways from what the client is trying to accomplish. Consider the market the client is in and the customers they are trying to reach. Start imagining what they might want to see.


Clear the Palette

Close your eyes, strip everything away and imagine just the value proposition, end goal or tagline all by itself, and what do you see?

Clear communication comes from focusing in on what’s most important. Your design should be based around that focus and lead out into a journey of words complemented by a visual language. This in turn will help propel you on your current project while giving your client exactly what they need to reach their goals concisely.

Most of us don’t have the luxury of collaborative sessions that help drive creative teams into the most dynamic solutions because we’re asked to do it all by ourselves. With that said I hope this these quick steps help you in your everyday life as a designer, and know you’re not alone.

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