What is Functional Experience Design?

November 14, 2017
Drew Webb

Everyday the design world is changing and we are having to continue to adapt to make sure we are ahead of the curve.  From the interaction of the design to the user, even to the information that is imparted, every piece is so critical to the overall mission and experience.  Because of this, it must be as much functional in its creation as the experience is engaging.

Design is used to teach, to learn, to encourage and to tell the story.  Each of these, and many more, serve a specific function and much create an experience for the end user.  We call it Functional Experience Design and it must be factored in every day in everything we do.

The user experience is driven by many things but is key to making sure that the info conveyed matches the emotion presented.  All while being clean and utilitarian.  In each design that we create, we must think first, research, who our viewer is, what they are trying to learn from what they are looking, how what they are seeing will affect them and then strive to build something that does all that in a glance.  Its that first glance that sets the stage for how that viewer will see the rest of what has been created and whether or not they will remember it in the future and the impact it will have on their life.  We have a moment to make an impression and to capture attention, and we must create and design accordingly.

Here at Affari, each client that we have the opportunity to tell the story off starts with discovery.  A mission to learn what the story is that is being told and how best to design with that function in mind.  The experience is over half the story, because it is this piece that sets the stage for all that the viewer will see and engage with.  By creating a functional design, it builds on the experience of the story being told, we are able to see our clients grow and their missions told to their audience.

Even before our team begins the design process, our discovery and information architecture is hard at work researching what is needed to give the user the best experience possible, starting with wire-framing.  Creating a wire is key to the structural success of what is being designed and that structure is the basis for the experience that we want the user to have.  With that in mind, working through the wire to create functional design is where that process starts.

For more information on Functional Experience Design, or about the work that we are doing here at Affari and how we can do it for you and your company or organization, message us at and let us help you get started and see your story told in the way to best reach your world!

Having been a part of Affari from the start, Drew has worked to bring our services to those that really need them, making sure to bring their passion to life through the passion that Affari has. He aims to bring a world class creative team to every client.

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