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Affari Co. is leading the creative and marketing world, setting the pace for fully interactive and custom creations and spearheading new techniques and strategies to bring the very best to our clients. We won't stop until we bring your story to life and your heart to your world!

Web Design & Development

Web design should push the limits daily and should encapsulate all that a company is about, so that the user truly understands where they are. Bringing web design to life takes a special person, who can fully grasp how the end user thinks, works, and interacts with what is before them. It is the core of Affari.

Corporate Branding & Identity

We bring brand initiatives to life through strategic creative concepts that combine audience insight and cultural awareness to build unified brands, identities and campaigns. Each design that we bring together is completely unique to that company or organization, created to bring their heart and mission to their world.

Digital Marketing & Planning

Short story telling started thousands of years ago, and through its evolution, it has become a leading way go see your message reach the masses in a creative way. Just like every sports team has a strategy to win, every company a strategy to grow and thrive. It starts with a discussion on where you want to go and ends with its execution.

Search Engine Optimization & Social Media Marketing

The world of organic is popular and your online world is no different. Bringing your search engine optimization (SEO) value up will only increase your organic clientele and overall traffic. Your social media news feed was something completely different five years ago, but today, being apart of your demographic's social world is critical to your existence and overall exposure.

Mobile App Design & Platform Development

With millions of apps on every device, the need to see your app brought to life is a growing requirement, and our mission is to bring the perfect experience with your brand to your audience through it. Some projects need just a bit more attention as they have a user base that is larger and depended on daily. Those platforms and software must be custom created just for you.

Augmented, Virtual & Mixed Reality Creation

Augemented and Virtual Reality focus on two different things and making sure that we are able to deliver each of these to the user uniquely is key in seeing each reality envelope and bring the experience to life. Engagement is changing every day and we have to make sure that no matter the platform, the experience is stellar. With Mixed Reality, we are able to bring together AR and VR to create a whole new world.


Creative Agency | Marketing Group | Interactive Firm | Hosting Provider

"As Affari continues to go, our mission to see others success will remain our primary mission. No matter what we do, the industries that we have the honor to be a part of, we will work to make sure that others stories are told and their growth is seen! It is an opportunity that we will never take lightly and we will continue to support every day that we exist!" -Drew Webb

Our Process

The Affari process is key to the success of our clients; from the first consideration to the final key-stroke, we work every day to bring life to your endeavors. There is not a step that is overlooked and our mission is simple: Bring your story to the forefront!


It's your story, we are simply here to make sure that it is heard and seen accurately. We learn the problems to be solved, the issues being addressed, so as to not to create form without function. We discover all we can from the start to help solve the end problem from the beginning.


It is where originality thrives, where we fill our notebooks with the tangible vision that was so clearly discovered. It is not simply writing or drawing, but creating a story you can see, feel, read and interact with. This is the heart and soul of Affari and each of the team members here.


Whether it is the meticulous construction of pixel perfect 1's and 0's or the fine details in an animation or experience, we are devoted to the details. After pouring over the concepts - hammer is set to nail, fingers to keyboards and the heart of the construction process begins.


It is like a gift to your support base, a way of giving them keys to your mission and the ability to test drive your services. This is the culmination of everything we have worked on together, and we are anxious to work with you to release this into the wild and to your world.


Delivery is not the end game, but a new chapter in Affari's relationship with you. We will walk with you into the future, creating it with you daily, maintaining and evolving your brand and company, as partners and as friends in your success. The launch is just the beginning!

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