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How to Choose a Web Designer

In this digital day and age, your website is often the first impression and interaction people will have with you and your brand. We want you to feel good about your decision and who you choose to develop this aspect of your business. ...

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How to Create a Lasting Brand (Step-by-Step Guide)

By creating a brand voice that is uniquely yours, you set yourself apart from everyone else and create immediate value, as with the above example. Expanding into the larger brands like Nike, Apple, BMW and Ford, they’ve built household names that are unforgettable ...

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What is Functional Experience Design?

Everyday the design world is changing and we are having to continue to adapt to make sure we are ahead of the curve. From the interaction of the design to the user, even to the information that is imparted... ...

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How to Quickly Recharge Your Creative Capacity

Often times as creatives we’re under the belief that we have to create an amazing experience for each project that we sit down to make. These days there are so many expectations, procedures to follow and pages of content to sift through, the amount of pressure put on our everyday shoulders seems unbearable and often times quenches our imagination turning it into stress. ...

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Design Inspiration Vol 1

As a creative, I am inspired a lot throughout everyday life, whether it be for a client or just surfing the web. There are so many talented and passionate creatives that I respect immensely across the globe. This starts a series of posts highlighting my favorite artists ...

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Breaking away to clear your view

Everyone gets into the weeds from time to time and sometimes gets lost in all that they are doing. That feeling is one that can creep up on you or it can seem like it hits you with a ton of bricks, but either way it is one that can be frustrating at times. ...

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Don’t Forget About the User

As designers we are tasked with great requirements and are expected to convey them brilliantly through design. Easier said than done sometimes. But while the requirements may dictate the design, there is another important element that should always be a driving factor - the user. ...

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Meet Affari

Affari Project started out as a passion of 2 people, to see lives reached and stories told in the best way possible we know how, through web and graphic design and development. Bringing a mission and vision to life and learning the heart behind ...

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People Are Looking for Simplicity

Recently I was watching some sports on TV and saw a commercial featuring John Malkovich in it. Immediately I was drawn in by the cinematography and mood. His voice over talked ...

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When we started Affari, it was out of the heart to see lives changed though bringing attention and quality design to organization and companies. We wanted to see them succeed ...

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