Our Services.

Where your site live must be a high priority so that you have a comfort and peace of mind that allows you to know that it will always be live, and Affari Host will be there the whole time.

Wordpress Maintenance

Wordpress is one of the most widely used CMSs for marketing sites today and it has grown a lot over the years and our servers are ready for your WP Site.

Security Updates

In today's world of cyber security and hacking, we know how important the security of your site is. We work to make sure that this is always at the forefront and your site is secure.


Your site should not always be the same size and your audience should never just stay the same, so why would your server not grow with you. Affari Host servers are able to scale with you.

SaaS Hosting

when Software becomes a Service, it has to live somewhere to serve the masses, and our servers are set up to do just that and make sure you can continue to deliver flawlessly.

24/7 Monitoring

Just because your day might be over, does not mean ours is. You site is always available to people, all day and night, rain or shine, and we will make sure of that.

Growth Management

Sometimes it is not just about scaling up, but planning on how to continue to be more efficient in how you deliver your site to your audience. We will strive to plan with you as you grow.


Hosting, Web Design and Development, Branding and Digital Marketing

"Working with Affari has been a wonderful experience. I am continuously impressed by the quality of work that they provide and their willingness to go above and beyond to make sure that the job is done right. If you are considering changing up your website or designing a new logo, then look no further than the creative and passionate team at The Affari Project.​"​

Our Process

The process of choosing and setting up your hosting is not always an easy one but you much always thing more about all that the platform is doing for you and only what the cost is.


We start by analyzing your site or platform and determining just what is needed for it to run fast and smooth and then we bring that to you through Affari Host.


As we determine what is best, porting it from you current environment to our platform is something we will walk through with you and not simply tell you how to do. It is a group effort.


Once live, we hope to be able to streamline your hosting process. With options to help you maintain you site, its security and its versioning, we will assist as we are able.


Staying live is key. Going done is not only detrimental to all the clients on our platform, it is detrimental to you and we will round the clock to make sure that does not happen.


You will grow, your company will expand, your audience will increase and Affari Host will always be one step ahead, making sure that there is not limit to what you can do.

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