Our Services

By creating an experience that no one has ever had, you create something that everyone must have. That is what we do here at Affari Interactive and what we strive daily to bring to you.

Mixed Reality Experiences

Engagement is changing every day and we have to make sure that no matter the platform, the experience is stellar. With Mixed Reality, we are able to bring together Augmented and Virtual Reality to make a new reality.

Mobile App Creation

With millions of apps on every device, the need to see your app brought to life is a growing requirement, and our mission is to bring the perfect experience with your brand to your audience through it.

AR/VR Creation

Augemented Reality and Virtual Reality focus on two different things and making sure that we are able to deliver each of these to the user uniquely is key in seeing each reality envelope and bring the experience to life.

Game Publishing

Bringing a game to market is no easy task, as it has to capture an audience that is already engaged elsewhere. With this in mind, we team to see the game brought to life and positioned in front of key publishers.

Software Design

Some projects need just a bit more attention as they have a user base that is much larger and depended on daily by your audience. Those platforms and software must be custom created just for you.

UX Strategy

During design, the user experience is through fully considered, described and designed around, but it cannot stop there. Bringing that to the user through development is how we help you make that impact.


Platform Design, UI/UX Design, Branding, Web Design and Development

Affari is bringing full custom platform design and development to Dynamis Alliance as they continue to reach those individuals with the mindset of a warrior and the heart of a champion.

Our Process

The interactive world is one that is constantly changing and evolving and our need to have our process do the same is critical. Every client we team with, Affari works to assure their success and growth.


Every great experience starts with taking the time to learn what the user is interested in and understanding their passion. From there, Affari Interactive is able to work to see how to bring that to life in a way that has never been done before.


The experience is what interactive is all about, pure and simple. Making sure that the audience does not simply see what is created but is able to dive into it is what sets it apart. Each piece that it take to bring someting to life is meticulasly plans from the very start.


Creating that experience, so that all can enjoy it, no matter the platform, is the mission we have at AI. Going forward, its the 1 and 0, the [ and > that make it come to life. Its creation is a careful and pixel perfect process to make sure that the end experience is spot on.


Bringing something to life is only the start, bringing it to the world is something completely different and it has to be treated separate from the project. Whether it is publishing or product launch, or any other action needed to go live, AI will be walking through it with you.


As you continue to grow and evolve, so must your platform, and that means future versions. Whether that is a security update, a minor version change or a major overhaul, each version continues to make the end users experience that much better and must be done right.

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