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Editorial Freelancers Association

What We Did

  • Platform Creation
  • Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design

Project Overview

Teaming with EFA to bring their membership site to life was no small task for the Affari team and one that we took very seriously. Working to ensure that it brought the heart of EFA to its members in a clear and concise way. With any membership system, our aim was to create an experience that was easier than before to manage and was more engaging for its users.


Form & Function

In many cases, form takes priority over function, and at times when it comes to management systems, function is the clear winner, but we did not want to sacrifice either for EFA, striving to ensure that both form and function were addressed throughout the process. From each screen that a user interacts with, to the foundation that the site is built on, we wanted to make sure that nothing went without consideration. No matter the user you are, either writer or administrator, the EFA site is built to streamline your interactions and be visually engaging.


One site for Thousands of Members

A site like EFA is a resource for more than just a few people. With over 8,000 members, EFA is constantly providing resources and opportunities to writers around the United States, while lending a helping hand to those that are in need of writing and editing services. Conveying the mission and heart of EFA in every aspect of the design and development was key to the success of this new site and was the core mission of our team throughout the process and in the ongoing support of EFA.


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