We started with a simple idea. Let’s help bring our client's brands and projects to life.

It all starts with a great remote team

Where We Are

Affari is where you are, with key team members around the US. From the East Coast to the West, we strive to have a team that is the best in their field, living where they can be the most creative and productive. Their passion is our passion, and it is translated into everything we do.

Working to learn all we can about you


We learn the problems being solved, the issues being addressed, so not to create form without function. Our involvement is part of the solution, so we discover all we can to help solve the problem.

Bringing the best services to your team


Each member here is the best at what they do, from design and development to marketing and business building, apps to gaming. We have brought together a crew that pushes each other to always be striving to be the greatest.

To see success in all that you do


The first step is always the hardest and we hope we can make that easier. Executing the vision is key to seeing success in the mission and Affari will stand by your side the whole way.

And bring you to the forefront of your vision!

What’s Next

This is just the beginning and Affari works to make sure you are ready for every next step that you take. We realize that each chapter requires a different service and each area we cover can assist you in this progression.

The Company & Culture

Every business, organization and start up

has a seemingly endless number of areas to focus on. Just thinking about what needs to be done to get their plan off the ground can make a business owner’s head spin. We’ve got you covered with top notch web design, web content and copy writing, business and strategic planning, and a whole lot of other things to make your ideas a success.

Affari, an Italian word for business and commerce

is what we are about. Specifically, we’re all about yours. The work is never finished. As all successful business and organizations know, daily attention to the details is the difference between a thriving reality and an unprofitable venture. No matter the size of your project, company, organization or idea, Affari is dedicated and excited to help you grow yours.

Team Affari

The best never tend to be located in one spot.

Whether separated through distance or time zone, Affari forwent a physical location for the location of the best people and the best team, building a culture around its members so as to see sucess in all areas. It gives to diversity, history, unique talents and abilities, and most importantly, we are where you are. From MT to CO, San Francisco to Virginia, our team is where your team is, working to see your story told and success created.

Evie Ratti

Creative Director

Evie joined Affari as no novice, having 6+ years of experience in graphic design, brand development, and product management. Evie's skills are clear, but it's truly her love and passion for design that allow her to bring our clients' visions to life. 

Daman Stancill

Operational Director

When you partner with Affari, Daman will be involved somewhere. Working closely with our clients and our creative team, Daman makes sure that Affari is always firing on all cylinders. He doesn’t like tomatoes but likes tomato based products.

June Moore

Director of Growth

June focuses on Affari's sales and marketing efforts. She loves helping position businesses for optimal growth with Affari’s suite of services and considers herself lucky to be surrounded by a fantastic team that supports and inspires her on the regular.

James Herriott

Lead Software Developer

James showed up at Affari with several years of experience writing and managing large scale cloud applications. Even while he hibernates through long Montana winters, he wants to make sure your platform succeeds out in the wild, no matter what the size.

Max Rawls

Digital Marketing Lead

Working with clients ranging from non-profit and government, to industrial and enterprise computing, Max loves seeing companies grow and giving them a platform to tell their story. He also enjoys long walks on the beach and hanging out with his wife and cats.

Drew Webb

Managing Partner & Founder

Having been a part of Affari from the start, Drew has worked to bring our services to those that really need them, making sure to bring their passion to life through the passion that Affari has. He aims to bring a world class creative team to every client.

Joel Keane

Front End Developer

Joel arrived at Affari with development experience and a passion for all things creative. Along with solving problems, he enjoys pushing his development skills to the limit while staying up to date with all the latest coding trends.

Stacey Burrus


Stacey is a mildly tortured creative with an absurd sense of curiosity. When she’s not daydreaming about life and ways in which she can shake things up, she’s actually designing or creating some sort of rad illustration.

Matt Eller

Web Developer

My name is Matt Eller, and what I have are skills. They are a very particular set of website development skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. I also enjoy drinking local beer in my hometown.

Kiah Hochstetler

Chief Financial Officer

A Montana-native and an entrepreneur Kiah began developing technical software in 2008. He is a natural born networker. Beyond Affari, Kiah is an active part of volunteer efforts in Montana. Kiah has been all over the world but always comes back to his home in Montana.


Affari Social Coordinator

Always in the mood for some company and a good head rub, Kojak has been coordinating all of the social aspects of the company since the beginning. A real knack for flair and loud comments (bark!) Kojak has helped keep the team on its toes.

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