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Affari Group is bringing world class marketing minds to those looking to be found and recognized. From a multi-level social impact to a subtle and subliminal messaging campaign to meet people where they are (and everything between it), this Group is your group.

Digital Marketing & SEM

Short story telling started thousands of years ago, and through its evolution, it has become a leading way go see your message reach the masses in a creative way.

Search Engine Optimization

The world of organic is popular and your online world is no different. Bringing your SEO value up will only increase your organic clientele and overall traffic.

Social Media Promotion

Your news feed was something completely different 5 years ago, but today, being apart of your demographic's social feed is critical to your existence and exposure.

Strategic Planning

Just like every sports team has a strategy to win, every company a strategy to grow and thrive. It starts with a discussion on where you want to go and ends with its exectuion.

Business Development

Building your company to make sure you are not only existing but thriving is key in seeing it succeed. Developing your company with the right tools will bring it into the future.

Non-Profit Development

The world uses non-profit as though it is the kind of business that has to be profitless but without seeing a profit, how can it change lives. Let's make it sustainable and see lives made better.


Social Media, SEO, Digital Marketing

"The Affari Project has been instrumental in helping us target our marketing efforts in the most beneficial ways. From redesigning our website, designing company logos, and assisting with printed marketing materials, the Affari team has gone to great lengths to make sure that our company stands out above our competitors. Affari also launched and maintains our company profile on social media, continuously pushing our marketing campaign out on social media on an recurring basis to increase our social media market presence. They are always willing to put our company first and have provided expert advice on how to expand our customer base. We highly recommend the Affari Project for any marketing efforts you have!" - Dorinda Schmidtnecht

Our Process

Daily, Affari Group is making sure your company is seen before the rest and assuring that happens is a daily obsession. Our process is all encompassing, reaching all areas of both your mission and your demographic.


When teaming with a new company, Affari Group must get to know every aspect in order to see success. By reasearching all areas of our clients worlds, our priority is knowing just how to best bring success.


Once reasearch is done, it is time to start constructing a strategy, a plan of action to see your company expand, thrive and succeed. Creating a course forward that addresses all parts or your comany is critical to its future.


With strategy in hand, the implementation and execution of it is next, working to see a foundation built for the future. Seeing this plan through, AG team with you to make sure that core items are not missed.


The A strategy must continue to adapt in order ot be relevent and for your company to go to the next level. We work to make adjustments every month to focus on things taht are working and change those that are not.


This is the end result that we have for you and your company, GROWTH. Our mission will always be to see success in each campaign that we bring to the public and in the expansion of your daily impact.

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