Affari Project
Humanitarian Aid Organization

Medical Corps

The Mission

International Medical Corps provides emergency relief to those struck by conflict, disaster and disease—no matter where they are, no matter what the conditions—working with them to recover, rebuild and gain the skills and tools required for self-reliance. After the emergency has passed and the disaster-relief effort has ended, they shift from emergency medical response to long-term medical support and training. They provide resources and training to help local staff provide a range of services—including healthcare, food, water and sanitation support—to their communities.

What We Did

Resource Branding, Curriculum Implementation, Multilingual Translation Implementation, Digital Design Support

Creating custom design templates for an educational toolkit and a training manual that could multiple people in different global contexts. Implementing content into two uniquely designed downloadable PDFs. Along with implementing English content, we were asked to produce resources in both French and Arabic. Once the translations were implemented, we provided landing page support, by offering graphics, links, and hex colors to ensure a consistent experience across the digital website and designed resources.

Intentionally designed, mission driven layouts

The color scheme, font and imagery used in the custom templates were strategically crafted to create a connection between the Toolkit Guidance and the Training Manuals. Each Guidance had a corresponding Training Manual, and color was used to connect the two. Color was also used to draw attention to certain readers.

Translating the resource into three languages to increase the global reach

In order to make sure that each Toolkit Guidance and Training Manual was more accessible, Arabic, French, and English versions were produced. These designs have been kept in their optimal orientation so that no matter how you read the manual, they will be easy to understand.

Editable Word Documents

Many of the tools designed had customizable sections and worksheets to better engage specific geographic areas. By creating editable word documents, users could customize their training and guidance plans to increase effectiveness.

Inter-Chapter and Inter-Guidance Linking

Every chapter had links in Tables of Contents that helped quickly direct users to the most relevant content. Both the Toolkit Guidance and the Training Manuals were linked to each other for easy reference between the content.

Landing Page Assistance

Affari assisted the client by suggesting the most user-friendly layouts to host the PDF designs, so the entire process would feel seamless.

Over 1100 Pages Designed

Affari designed 2 books, a Toolkit Guidance (217 pages) and Training Manual (172 pages), and then converted those designs into French and Arabic.