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Coffee Roastery

Fieldheads Coffee Roasting

The Mission

Fieldheads Coffee Roasting, nestled in the scenic town of Bigfork, Montana, is an artisanal coffee roaster. Under new ownership in 2011, they embarked on an exciting journey—a commitment to providing exceptional coffee and capturing the spirit of outdoor adventurers. To bring this vision to life, they sought a brand identity and product packaging that would resonate with their mission.

What We Did

Branding, Logo, Packaging Design, Web Design

Crafting a brand to contend with national retail giants in an already crowded market is no small feat. With a fresh approach, we introduced a distinctive off-bright color palette and a mountain-themed design for their identity and packaging. This innovative choice not only delivered a striking presence on store shelves but also provided versatility beyond print applications.

Unlocking new heights through inspired branding

Drawing inspiration from Montana's breathtaking natural landscapes, we introduced custom typography and incorporated the legend of the wishing rock created a new vision. The unique and distinctly modern brand speaks to the core characteristics of Fieldhead’s brand and successful future.

Elevated packaging

With the fresh logo design, creating the new bag and label designs for Fieldheads was an exciting endeavor. They opted for a mountain-inspired design that drew from Montana's vibrant and natural color palette, making their products prominently stand out on store shelves.

Distinctive product identification system

While Fieldheads is a small batch roastery, it creates an impressive amount of premium coffee. Since Fieldheads roasts, packages, and labels on-site, we needed an efficient way to organize all of their coffees. A new color-coded label system was soon born, featuring custom illustrations that uniquely represent each coffee type and flavor.

Where quality meets adventure online

Our goal was to design a website that reflects Fieldheads' commitment to quality and adventure, seamlessly incorporating their new logo. The user-centric e-commerce platform now showcases their exquisite coffee, with a mobile-responsive design and customer engagement at its core, making their premium coffee accessible to a wider audience while preserving their local charm.