Affari Project
Artisanal Granola

Nana Joes

The Mission

Our ongoing goal is to honor Nana Joes' core values: made by hand, whole ingredients, made the right way, and fresh is best, through consistent brand management. We celebrate the brand promise by creating clean and crisp design support across all mediums.

What We Did

Branded Social Media, Packaging, Merchandise

Over the years, we've honed a streamlined process to efficiently update existing packaging and expand into new product lines. We tapped into our product and brand expertise to infuse authenticity into the social media marketing efforts, ensuring a consistent and genuine voice in all outbound communications.

Infusing spontaneity, warmth, and playfulness into social media

Nana Joes uses social media to connect with their audience in a natural, open way. With Affari’s integrated design and marketing teams, each post is carefully crafted and feels like it’s coming from the same people who brought you the lovely granola and its fresh packaging.

Striking unity: A family of distinctive packaging

Our design team has been with Nana Joes for years. From specialty granola blends to co-branded collaborations, their product line continues to expand. What doesn’t change is our commitment to their roots. We support their cohesive design aesthetic so they can focus on what’s important, creating great new granola.

Elevating the brand
with practical swag
and merchandise

There are a number of different elements that are in the “toolkit” for the Nana Joes brand, and utilizing them in different ways on various applications for a specific audience can help keep the brand fresh yet consistent.