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Worden Thane P.C.

The Mission

For close to a century Worden Thane P.C. has represented the community of Missoula, and beyond in all legal matters. While putting their clients first, and prioritizing results, Worden Thane P.C. are statewide experts in real estate, business, and litigation law. With a firm recognized for success, a digital presence was needed to mirror the same excellence and credible reputation.

What We Did

Web Design Development, Digital Marketing, Copywriting + Messaging, Design + Custom Social Graphics, Social Media Management, Facebook Advertising

In partnering with Worden Thane P.C., we were tasked with giving them a "brand lift" that could be carried out through their website and other digital experiences. Through exploratory conversations, we quickly discovered their love of their clients and community in Montana. We knew this love needed to be present in their brand touchpoints so we expanded on a warm color palette and curated community-focused imagery and mountainous landscapes. From there we hit the ground running designing custom icons, supplemental branding designs, brand collateral, and event promotions. Our 4-year partnership grew into a site build and regular maintenance and multiple social media campaigns.

An updated look and feel to the website, rooted in the love of serving their Montanan clients

One of the most important aspects of this website design was connecting the audience to the client's mission of representing all of Montana in legal services. This meant connecting their message and imagery and drawing on visuals that represented their services and mountainous community. Our web design was then developed into a scalable website, one that would reach any user on any device. Worden Thane has since grown rapidly in Missoula, Helena and Bozeman, allowing them to affect positive change in those communities and provide incredible service to their clients.

Marketing and social media campaigns to broaden their reach and community impact

After the web design team worked from the question of “Who is Worden Thane?”, the marketing team asked the question “How can Worden Thane grow?” The answer - a robust social media strategy across multiple platforms. This strategy includes multiple custom designs, carefully crafted copy, and a posting schedule based on insights and engagement.

A new blog with influential content, and insights into the Worden Thane culture

One of their main objectives was influencing their community; Worden Thane is extremely active in Missoula and the surrounding areas, so our goal was to champion these efforts and tell that story to the world. Through our expansive partnership, we provide thoughtful writing topics and rally the team in providing imagery to match. The results are a unique and engaging blog, written in a resonating tone towards their audience.