Affari Project
Private Education

Stillwater Christian School

The Mission

Stillwater Christian School proudly revealed a modern makeover of their school property. Eager to reflect this fresh look and carry the newfound excitement forward, they embarked on updating their logo, branding, website, and outbound communications.

What We Did

Branding Refresh, Web Design, Print Collateral, Marketing

We embarked on a comprehensive branding revitalization project for Stillwater Christian School, encompassing the creation of a stunning new website, captivating print and digital materials for all school resources, and an array of impactful marketing materials.

Pioneering excellence and embracing progress with a new logo

Introducing Stillwater’s revamped logo – a symbol of their commitment to excellence, heralding a new era of growth and recognition. Its flexibility allows every department, be it academics or athletics, to showcase their identity using this template.

Revamping Stillwater Christian's website for enhanced user experience

On the Stillwater Christian's website, we seamlessly blended elements from the logo, featuring the school's stunning photography. This not only showcases the school's offerings but also enhances the overall user experience. We conducted a thorough information architecture exercise, resulting in clear navigation and a robust structure.

Unifying the brand experience

By applying the design styles to Stillwater Christian, we achieved a cohesive and impactful brand experience across various elements such as scoreboard design, merchandise, and more.